Food Safety in Real-time!

Is quality control and food safety for your restaurants just too time consuming? Not cost-effective? Draining all your resources? Imagine all those questions can be answered with one bundle that will bring to order your whole supply chain. This is when we introduced a bundle that includes 4 different products with a special focus on food safety to one of the biggest food chain company in the world. With these products, we were able to create the latest technologies in Artificial Intelligence, Internet of things and blockchain. This comprehensive hardware and software solution covers all aspects of supply chain: ordering and procurement, returns and recalls, food safety management, food preparation, asset management and maintenance, inventory management, labeling and checklists, equipment monitoring and food traceability. Also, it can help you at point of sale, menu management and mobile ordering. And today, it is an award winning solution that ensures food safety for more than 7 million consumers on a daily basis. 

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