Technological Scope

Technological Scope

Reimagining our tools


Oracle’s deep industry experience, high performance and innovative solutions give us vision on how our clients’ digital businesses can change, powered by new IT solutions.

Oracle HCM cloud implementation

Industries: Telecom, Professional Services & Retail.

Oracle HCM Cloud offers a robust, comprehensive suite of human capital management and talent management applications.

With our mastery of Oracle HCM cloud, we are able to implement our own continuous performance evaluation and career development plan for our team. This makes it the perfect combination for designing, implementing and delivering human capital management systems. 

Oracle application services and data warehousing

Industries: Telecom, Retail, Healthcare, Market Research, Energy and Childcare.

360 degree design and development of activities necessary to implement end-to-end data warehouse and business intelligence solutions.

We use Oracle application services and data warehousing to keep track records with top US firms and gain deep industry expertise. 


Industries: Retail, Energy and Market Research

Microsoft delivers access to a mobile-first, cloud-first world, through market-leading, enterprise-ready technologies, platforms and services that help people and organizations around the world achieve more.

Microsoft Azure

Build more agile infrastructures by benefiting from our personalized approach to cloud strategies, and enhancing your cloud platform to meet your business needs.

Microsoft SharePoint

Our customizable SharePoint IT solutions focus on increasing work productivity, team collaboration and workforce mobility, with a personalized roadmap that meets your business needs and objectives.

Microsoft SQL Servers

Microsoft SQL Servers provide an optimized, sustainable and modular IT platform, right from the beginning. With an intelligent approach, we will ensure your databases work fast and efficiently, through SQL Server Performance Tuning , without interrupting your business growth. Create, implement and customize a continuity plan that keeps your database safe and your business downtime-free.

Microsoft Xamarin

A fully comprehensive service from Microsoft that allows our team to develop solutions engulfing everything from mobile app design, development and maintenance to application testing and offshore staffing.

Microsoft Application Services

With these tools, our team will help you modernize and simplify your application landscape across its entire lifecycle and adapt to evolving business needs and dynamics.


Industry: Telecom

Run your business in real time, with our personalised SAP HANA IT solutions that can go from tactical addressing to full-scale implementation to change and improve all company functions, logistics and processes. Accelerate and optimize business processes with a customizable approach.


Industry: Healthcare

Discover a range of custom development solutions with Salesforce. Our array of specially conceived tools and modules will enable you to automate any business process, implement a more efficient interface to your business, personalise functions, expand your internal applications, integrate mobile devices to your IT processes and customize your IT organisation through a comprehensive platform.


Industries: Energy and Manufacturing.

Collect, store and manage data from your business through an open infrastructure with OSISoft PI. Our team will optimize you IT infrastructure to allow you to benefit from real-time intelligence and continuously improve your company’s efficiency, sustainability and safety, with tools that gather, organize, convert and archive your data.

Our OSISoft PI services include:

  • AF and notifications services.
  • SharePoint web parts, custom add-ins and portal development.
  • Technical support services.


Industries: Multiple Industries

Create sophisticated, full-fledged solutions, with our unique Java methodologies, to allow your business to deploy applications to the cloud with increased automation or integrate a variety of middleware platforms at full potential.

Mobile Services

As we embrace the mobile era, our team will expand your digital reach through high-performance, feature-packed native mobile applications for all major mobile platforms including Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.


Create Android apps that are standalone, client-server, web service driven or database driven, and meet your business needs and requirements the way you envision. Benefit from cross-platform development and migrate other existing mobile apps or Java-based apps to the Android platform.


Discover a unique iOS development module that encompasses business requirement analysis, design look and feel, user experience, app functionality, and debugging needs to ensure the smoothest possible submission and approval process for Apple’s App Store both for iPhone and iPad. Be it for business, healthcare, entertainment, lifestyle, technology or travel. With our  technical expertise, your app will achieve the maximum return on investment and superior design, functionality and user experience.


Develop a variety of custom Windows Mobile applications as per your business needs and specifications. Through a collaborative and transparent  process, we make sure to involve you at every step of the way so that what we design and develop meets your requirements and vision.

Standard & Compliance

Industries: Security, Online Payment, Healthcare and Management

For more than 5 years, we have been closely working with all major US and European recognized testing laboratories for electronic safety: UL (Underwriters Laboratories), ETL, FCC, CE and NSF. Be it for the fields of energy management, Internet of Things, food inspection or home appliances, we help our customers build products that meet the safety requirements of North American and European markets.


Full Suite PCI services with around the clock support. Cutting edge threat intelligence from world class experts. Centralized, automated and integrated security programs that achieve and maintain compliance.


Establishment and maintenance of HIPPA compliance for healthcare applications. Implementation of the required administrative, technical and physical safeguards. Software architecture and custom development, with ongoing attention and refactoring.





In-depth examination of control objectives and control activities. Control over information technology and related processes. Uniform reporting format.