• “I personally enjoy the value CME brings to Tangoe and the open and direct relationship we have with them at all levels. I would highly recommend CME to any organization looking for a reliable, value added, and quality conscious outsourcing partner.”

    Paul Schmidt
    Senior Vice President, Products Tangoe, Inc.
  • “You should not think further about whether CME would be a good partner or not. They deliver in all categories. Responsiveness, quality and reliability are all excellent.”

    Carman Wenkoff
    Subway FWH CIO
  • “We are very pleased with not only the quality of the resources but with enthusiasm and willingness to go the ‘extra mile’ to get the job done right. We consider CME as an exemplary partner and essential to our success” 

    Albert Hernandez
    CIO VectorMed, LLC

Great ideas rethink today, redefine tomorrow and most importantly




Industry Diversification

Our vertical and horizontal solution modules over 10 different fields encourage cross-pollination between industries. 

End-to-End Engineering Services

We develop solutions from consulting to hardware and software conception.

An Award Winning SCM solution

Quick Service Restaurants

Supply Chain Management and Food Safety Compliance

The most advanced, all-in-one food supply chain solution with a special focus on food safety. A solution that's already running in more than 30,000 locations around the globe in 17 languages!

Trusted Relationships

We build significant and long-term relationships all over the globe, including top US Fortune 500 companies.

Seamless Collaboration

Our flexible and agile structure focuses on integration between our team and our clients.

Reimagine Data Governance


Re-imagining energy data governance with MIND by CME

We consolidated the data from all data sources into real-time dashboards and custom KPIs with unlimited drill down capabilities. The system benefits from a centralized access and a comprehensive hub for the planning and decision-making process that is linked to the grid itself. 

Worldly Mindset

We operate over many different markets, cultures and geographies.

Geeky Culture

We are passionate about what we do. We explore, experiment and try out new things our own way.

The New Budderfly Era

Energy Intelligence & Internet of Things

Meet Budderfly

Engineering and manufacturing of the next generation Internet of Things and energy management devices.