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While organizations and governments are implementing policies, regulations, and incentives to progress on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), true acceleration of the mission requires individual behavioral change. Technology can make it scale, and data can make it right.

INGO is a loyalty platform for sustainability that leverages gamification, a large palette of integrations, and advanced analytics to achieve attitudes change at scale on everything related to the environment and people.

Greener Daily Choices
Encouraging greener practices is key to reducing our carbon footprint and mitigating the effects of climate change. INGO inspires environmentally friendly choices, like avoiding single-use plastic, driving low-emission cars, or participating in eco-friendly activities. We guide you in making the right choices in the most impactful areas of action, ensuring that every step you take toward sustainability is purposeful and effective.
Healthier Daily Habits
Modern lifestyles can negatively affect well-being through sedentary behaviors, poor diet, and increased stress. This leads to reduced quality of life, lower productivity, and increased healthcare costs. By tracking daily habits, we help individuals make small changes to improve their overall well-being, such as monitoring water intake or daily steps to encourage hydration and activity for better physical and mental health.
Sustainability Feels Good
Sustainability is often associated with sacrifice and inconvenience, making it a difficult concept to sell. But with INGO’s gamified approach, sustainable choices become rewarding. This creates a positive association with new conduct changes and promotes long-term engagement and habit-forming. The result is a win-win situation where sustainability feels good and becomes an enjoyable part of daily life.
Your Impact In Real-Time
With INGO's advanced data analytics capabilities, you can monitor your sustainability efforts in real-time. This includes tracking your reduced plastic usage and carbon emissions, as well as your behavior change. INGO empowers you to adjust your actions, report progress to stakeholders, and showcase your commitment to building a more sustainable future for both the planet and us.
Accelerating Your SDG Progress
INGO is not just another platform. It is a highly versatile and innovative data-driven ecosystem that empowers governments and organizations of all sizes to scale their commitment in fighting climate change and improving the health and well-being of citizens and employees. With the deadline for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) getting closer, INGO provides a unique opportunity to fast-track your efforts and make a tangible, measurable impact on the planet and its people.

Platform Overview


INGO app is the key habit-forming component of the platform. With a user-focused gamified experience, the app sets targets, suggests eco-actions, shows progress, and offers rewards. ​

  • Evolutive individual goals using machine learning
  • Health & sustainability progress dashboards
  • Daily challenges, competitions, and leaderboards
  • Integration with INGO smart water bottle and main health and fitness trackers

The Eco-Action Center enables the creation of rewardable choices that your organization wants to promote. The level of integration is so wide that any event, whether at home or at work, can be traced and turned into an eco-action.

  • Eco-action creation, with acceptance criteria and related points​
  • Swift integration with your existing systems and third-party platforms through APIs

The marketplace offers rewards that users can obtain by redeeming points earned through completing goals. Providing a sense of achievement and drive is crucial for maintaining positive habits.

  • Rewards listing with details, required points, and multi-media material
  • Ability to create multiple marketplaces based on user’s behavior/profile
  • Integration with trusted marketplace providers​

The analytics portal offers real-time data and actionable insights using IoT-generated data and integration with a wide variety of systems.​

  • Centralized data from several sources​
  • Preset reports with the ability to generate additional reports by business users​
  • Accessible through web and mobile​
  • Multilingual, including Arabic​
  • Built with Microsoft Power BI
Smart Water Bottle

CE, FCC, FDA, TDRA Certified

Bluetooth Water Intake Tracking

Branding Option Available

Stainless Steel Insulated Bottle

500 ML

Universal USB Type-C Charging


Make A Difference With Every Sip


Plastic bottles are a major contributor to the world’s waste, but organizations have the power to change the status quo and make sustainable habits the norm, not the exception.


Maximizing Impact Through Reporting

INGO’s data analytics empower you with fresh and accurate metrics and advanced analytics to help you maximize your impact, celebrate your achievements, and report your ESG factors.
Here are a few indicators that the platform can deliver.

  • Single-use plastic bottles avoided  
  • Tons of CO2 emissions avoided 
  • Environmentally friendly actions completed 
  • Estimated number of marine lives saved 
  • Steps/KM travelled  
  • Number of sustainable habits achieved
  • BMI variation level 
  • Percentage of well-hydrated people 
  • Percentage of physically active people 
  • Percentage of people having quality sleep
  • Active users 
  • Goals achievements 
  • Leaderboards creation 
  • Active challenges 
  • Achieved challenges 
  • Value of redeemed rewards


End-to-end Turnkey Solution

Our services cover the entire implementation process and beyond, focusing on matching the solution with your vision. We’re here to support you every step of the way.


We start with a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s needs, followed by a customized platform set-up to align with your strategy and objectives. We also provide integrations with your existing systems and third-party platforms to make it simple to scale up your sustainability and wellness efforts and track your results.


Governments and organizations can customize the platform name and branding with the white labeling option. This approach allows them to deliver a unique and cohesive experience to their citizens, employees, customers, and stakeholders while leveraging the platform’s powerful capabilities.


INGO smart water bottles are vital to the solution’s approach to reducing single-use plastic and improving people’s health. We manage the supply and logistics of the bottles as well as their ongoing maintenance and support. We also provide branding options.


Our marketplace solution offers a wide variety of rewards, including discounts, products, and experiences. We work with trusted partners to ensure the rewards are both attractive to your users and in line with your goals. Our team will assist you in selecting and curating the rewards and managing the logistics of redemption.


Our stand-out outreach and activation services incorporate cutting-edge communication, marketing and education tools that help you boost your engagement with your employees, customers and stakeholders on their journey toward a better tomorrow.


Our three-tier support system ensures you get the help you need, when you need it. We offer different levels of support, including a dedicated account manager, email and phone support, and 24/7 support with Service Level Agreements (SLA).

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