We are a multinational technology consultancy firm. We are ready to connect, engage, and drive businesses' digital transformation. We have helped over 100 clients worldwide, including top US Fortune 500 companies, to become and remain leaders in their fields. We provide premium end-to-end tailored solutions and technology services across different disciplines, including Staff Augmentation, Software development (Software outsourcing companies), Smart Devices Engineering, Customer Experience, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Data Management, and Process Automation. We accelerate the digital transformation for businesses and corporations by developing scalable and forward-thinking projects to achieve operational excellence, improve customer engagement, and unlock new growth opportunities. Our proven track record of success spans across several industries, including Consumer Goods, Food, Healthcare, Hospitality, Insurance (Healthcare payers’ solution, TPA solution, medical claims software), Market Research, Retail, Telecom, and Utilities. Our teams of highly skilled engineers, creative thinkers, and industry-specific experts from 7 locations across the globe delivered more than 250 innovative projects. To date, we served 80M+ users and contributed to 8 US patents. Find us in Beirut, Lebanon, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in California, Unites States of America, in Mendoza, Argentina, in Pune, India, in Stockholm, Sweden and in Guangdong, China. If you believe in the transformative power of technology: Join us in Reimagining Everything!

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We reimagined hiring to bring you a special corner dedicated especially for students. Here you are free to unlock your potential and join our team to excel. With 90% of our clients with us for over 5 years, we are looking for dynamic and creative individuals to join us in creating solutions for people’s wellbeing.

At CME, we’re working on tapping into innovative emerging technologies to provide creative products and services for our clients. We also want to tap into the talent of tomorrow’s solution builders and inventors.


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We pride ourselves with diversity and skills. Together, they empower every member of our team to stay on mission and develop solutions, for a wide range of industries, that drive forward the wellbeing of people.

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