Food Service

Reimagine data governance for power plants efficiency

Application Services & DevOps

We have been witnessing an impressive market growth for Operation & Maintenance services since 2010. CME is leveraging data science and data visualization techniques to enable real-time performance monitoring, plants reliability optimization and predictive maintenance. Meet MIND. Our solution consolidates the data from all data sources into real-time dashboards and custom KPIs with unlimited drill down capabilities, in addition to personalized and secure user access for all teams depending on roles and privileges. Using MIND, benefit from centralized access and a comprehensive hub for the planning and decision-making process that is linked to the grid itself. Mind allows real time availability of data on any connected device


Energy Intelligence, IoT & Solutions

Engineering and manufacturing of the next generation Internet of Things and energy management devices for Budderfly, named one of the coolest IoT vendors by Gartner in 2016. The Budderfly vision is to change the way that energy is used and measured, supported by a highly creative and committed team with extensive experience in cloud-based software solutions, enterprise cost management, and energy management solutions.

Supply Chain Management and Food Safety Compliance

The GO suite

Strategy, Architecture & IoT

Reimagining the food supply chain with a special focus on food safety while leveraging the latest technologies in Artificial Intelligence, Internet of things and blockchain. The Go suite is an award winning solution that is now used in more than 30,000 locations and 17 different languages, ensuring food safety for more than 7 Millions consumers on a daily basis. This comprehensive solution covers all aspects of supply chain: ordering and procurement, returns and recalls, food safety management, food preparation, asset management and maintenance, inventory management, equipment monitoring and food traceability.


Application Services & Architecture

Designing, implementing, deploying and supporting an innovative medical imaging workflow management system for the largest US healthcare institutions such as Mayo Clinic. This software solution enables the use of patient information throughout the healthcare organization, anticipating clinician and administrator requirements and presenting relevant electronic patient information, clinical data, lab results and medical images for review, analysis and treatment at the point of care.

Sight Medical

Application Services, IoT & Architecture

Designing and implementing a paten-pending IoT solution that leverages our software and electronics capabilities for a leading medical manufacturing company focusing on surgical cutting instruments, and enhancing its production of custom and OEM medical blades (surgical blades), scalpels, custom needles, medical punches, forceps, medical scissors, vessel cutters and much more.


Application Services & Architecture

In the healthcare scene, business scaling has become more and more dependent on IT governance, leaving Third-Party Administrators struggling with their decade-old legacy IT systems. HIIP combines the latest generation benefit administration, pre-authorizations and claims auto-adjudication software, empowered by the latest technologies. It increases workflows efficiency by leveraging integrated scanning and document management, support of intelligent alerts, instant on-screen reporting, different real-time notifications and escalations channels.

Lightspeed GMI

Application Outsourcing & Capacity Services

Helping a market research leader achieve cost savings and application scalability with cost-effective application outsourcing services that provide healthcare professional and patient community solutions, utilizing its industry-leading healthcare panel. By integrating gamification and field research into the healthcare market sector, Lightspeed combines a skilled team of thought leaders into one portfolio. 

Major U.S Retailer Brand

Application Services

Keeping up with the rapidly changing customer expectations is becoming a major challenge for retailers especially when it comes to a major brand with more than 10,000 locations. We developed a comprehensive digital wallet solution that integrates gamification techniques to recognize customers for brand advocacy and drives deeper participation while implementing an engagement-based rewards program. The solution streamlines flexible loyalty programs, mobile payment and in-store digital advertisment leading to a game-changing customer experience.


Application Outsourcing & DevOps

Supporting Paydiant, a PayPal company, in developing the next generation of mobile payment and digital wallet as well as pre-sales activities and application branding. The patented cloud-based platform enables merchants and banks to deploy their own secure mobile wallet solutions under their own brands, in their own apps.


Application Outsourcing, Capacity Services, DevOps & Architecture

More than 8 years of software outsourcing for a leading telecom operator in the Caribbean, bringing customers never-ending possibilities by offering affordable and innovative mobile services, enterprise solutions, cloud computing, cable TV, broadband and engaging content. 


Strategic Consulting, Application Outsourcing & Managed Services

More than 12 years of experience in telecom expense management with a leading US platform that helps companies transform the management of IT assets, services, expenses, and usage to create business value, increase efficiency, and deliver a positive impact to the bottom line.