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Sustainability And Energy Efficiency, Sponsored By Technology


Sustainability And Energy Efficiency, Sponsored By Technology

This year’s session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, COP 28, carries a resounding message: accelerate global climate action.

Participants from all four corners of the world have, in an unprecedented manner, combined their policy, finance, and technology acumen to help address the pressing issue at hand.

Wait. Technology? To promote sustainability? Is that even possible?

Absolutely. When used at its fullest potential, technology can be a game-changing force that drives powerful solutions to persistent problems, chief among them environment-related issues.

Still not convinced? Here are a couple of examples where technology plays an improving role in promoting sustainability, energy efficiency, and positive change.

Technology can change you into a new self

The transformative power of technology has recently allowed for some pretty innovative solutions that surpassed traditional consumer product markets; it’s now crossing over into lifestyle change territory.

With the proper implementation of gamification elements, machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), and advanced data analytics, modern sustainability-focused platforms are now serving as the backbone of individual behavioral change.

Not only do such platforms offer a slew of features to help drive daily activities, but they also monitor the status of sustainability efforts in real-time, such as plastic usage, carbon emissions, environmentally friendly actions completion, and the number of sustainable habits achieved, enabling users to take eco-conscious actions and adjust their lifestyle accordingly.

And while the road to sustainability is often associated with tedious tasks, now, thanks to technology, it could actually be fun and rewarding! By gamifying objectives and competing for high scores in leaderboards, users are constantly incentivized to track their progress and push themselves further.

Given its proven record of success and creative approach, our gamification platform got adopted by the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) for their green citizen engagement program, BAADR.

Turn off the lights, turn on efficiency

Due to the detrimental effects of burning fossil fuels on the environment, more businesses are seeking effective ways to reduce their energy consumption without taking a hit on performance.

That’s where technology comes in.

Fast-food chains with high turnover, for instance, are now opting for streamlined energy-efficient systems with equipment upgrades, such as LED lighting, HVAC enhancements, and refrigeration controls. All devices are interconnected through a custom IoT-powered portal that monitors energy consumption, savings, and emission reductions. When spread across multiple branches, this sustainable yet technologically advanced practice can result in a whopping 1000 kWh in energy savings per month, drastically reducing the chain’s carbon footprint along the way.

Key takeaway

While governments worldwide are proactively implementing policies and regulations to align with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), It’s individual-level mind shifts toward lasting eco-friendly behavior, powered by technology, that will generate sizable impacts and set the stage for a resilient and sustainable future.

Transform The Way You Approach Sustainability

Join us today and boost your journey toward a greener and brighter future. Let’s work together to create positive change for the world and for the generations to come.

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