We are a multinational technology consultancy, custom software development and engineering firm. We are ready to connect, engage, and drive businesses' digital transformation. We have helped over 100 clients worldwide, including top US Fortune 500 companies, to become and remain leaders in their fields. Today, we are providing premium end-to-end tailored Process Automation solutions and technology services (API-based digital process automation, UI-based robotic process automation (RPA) in collaboration of different disciplines, including Staff Augmentation, custom Software development (Software outsourcing companies), Smart Devices Engineering, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Data Management, and Customer Experience. We accelerate the digital transformation for businesses and corporations by developing scalable and forward-thinking projects to achieve operational excellence, improve customer engagement, and unlock new growth opportunities. Our teams of highly skilled engineers, creative thinkers, and industry-specific experts from 7 locations across the globe delivered more than 250 innovative projects. To date, we served 80M+ users and contributed to 7 US patents. Find us in Beirut, Lebanon, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in California, Unites States of America, in Mendoza, Argentina, in Pune, India, in Stockholm, Sweden and in Guangdong, China. If you believe in the transformative power of technology: Join us in Reimagining Everything!



We help you maximize the potential of automation. Together, we reimagine your operating model to achieve speed, productivity, and innovation with human and digital intelligence.

We help you enable innovation across your entire processes, streamlining systems for better scalability, agility, and performance. Process Automation is a key step in your digital value chain, that’s why we use modern technologies and cutting-edge techniques to improve the way you work and do business on daily basis, for more long-term and fruitful results.

Let’s maximize the potential of automation.

We Will Help You

Automate with scalability​

We partner with our clients to co-create solutions that reinvent the business and operating models, and rethink workflows into agile, streamlined, scalable designs. We aim at delivering gains throughout the organization by improving process instrumentation and unlocking the power of emerging technologies.​

Optimize operations, boost revenue

One of the major benefits of automation is the potential to cut costs and boost revenue. With improved efficiency, productivity and speed, we help you to seize future opportunities, providing holistic insights and achieving higher ROI.​

Increase operational stability

You might be a disruptor in your industry, but you don’t want disruptions in your workflow. Streamlining processes and digitizing operations simplifies scaling, enabling you to focus resources on areas of expansion and organizational goals.​

Secure quality and accurate work

We leverage technology to minimize guesswork and human error, identify and prevent fraud, and reduce the potential for biases to skew your results. With lower operational risk and greater quality, you reach higher stakeholders satisfaction and achieve comprehensive and advanced governance.

Ensure compliance

Our solutions aim to help you meet the highest standards, ensuring compliance with internal procedures as well as industry best practices and external regulations, with accountability through easily accessible real-time monitoring.​


Delivering Innovative Tech Solutions

Just as you deliver for your customers, we deliver for you. All of our solutions are tailored to make your job easier so you can focus on what’s important.

Business Process Management

Our business process management solutions streamline your workflow and optimize results, offering immediate improvements in efficiency and quality.

Robotic Process Automation

Our expertise in robotic process automation, along with comprehensive domain knowledge, enables us to bring you customized solutions for all your needs.

Supply Chain

We harness cutting-edge technologies and processes to help you revolutionize every step in the flow of goods and services and ensure the quality and compliance of your product.

Field Servicing

We leverage the power of analytics to optimize your field servicing operations and align employees and scheduling, linking together technology, employee retention and customer satisfaction.


of firms are “very” or “entirely satisfied” with the benefits they are seeing from automation, according to a recent global survey.

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