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Tech Ensured Our Society Remained Functional During the Pandemic


Tech Ensured Our Society Remained Functional During the Pandemic

Q&A with Wissam Youssef, CME CEO, about the products and solutions CME offers for today’s workplace.

Which products and solutions do you offer for today’s workplace?
As a multinational technology firm that places people’s well-being at the core of our tech innovation, we at CME offer a comprehensive range of products and solutions that boost employees’ health and contribute to workplace sustainability and vibrancy. The ongoing pandemic has brought well-being to the forefront of importance for every business, with employers more aware than ever before about physical and mental health.

While remote working has facilitated many advantages, burnout has emerged among the most prominent negative aspects. However unintentional, employees often sit behind their laptops for long hours without the usual workplace breaks. Such instances have exacerbated the need for solutions that safeguard health and well-being – and this is where CME has helped various companies in the past year alone.

During this period, HR leaders intensified their efforts to revamp their corporate wellness programs to dispel unhealthy practices, facilitate new social engagement, and introduce a company culture driven by a digitized workforce. CME’s INGO Health is among the most effective and impactful solutions to support this trend.

Leveraging gamification strategies and the latest technologies and analytics, INGO Health is a health engagement platform that has bolstered corporate wellness programs, enabling companies to enhance the physical and mental health of personnel, promote greater internal engagement, and foster a collective sense of purpose. Besides tracking training, steps, calories, and sleep, the platform also monitors water consumption thanks to a uniquely designed Smart Water Bottle that precisely captures intake readings.

HR leaders intensified their efforts to revamp their corporate wellness programs to dispel unhealthy practices, facilitate new social engagement, and introduce a company culture driven by a digitized workforce.

How do you think technology today helps businesses grow?
No matter the industry they belong to, the unprecedented pace at which the digital evolution has unfolded means technology is now a vital component for business growth. When implemented and harnessed correctly, technology is an undisputable catalyst that drives organizational development and enables companies to scale greater heights continuously.

There are many benefits that tech can offer, yet the most prominent include cost reductions, maximized efficiency, and streamlined customer experiences. Regarding the latter, businesses have fused technology into their operations since the pandemic, resulting in clients and customers benefitting from ease, simplicity, convenience, and empowerment like never before. At the same time, technology is a gateway for understanding customers, reaching out to different audiences, and accessing new markets, all of which come together to propel expansion aspirations and facilitate higher revenues.

How is tech driving our economic recovery? 
Technology ensured our society remained functional during the pandemic, enabling remote working, supporting virtual learning, and automating business processes. Yet the impact of technology has gone above and beyond mitigating recent repercussions and adversity. Its influence is so significant that it has become a primary force driving economic recovery. Governments and businesses alike have accelerated plans to place digital at the heart of everything they do, and such advancements have kick-started their operations and instigated economic resurgence.

For instance, widespread migration to the cloud has equipped companies with cloud-native technology that drives innovation, transforms legacy systems, and facilitates cost savings – fueling new growth and revenues that support the economy. Then there are business ecosystems, where technology facilitates greater collaboration, enabling companies to share ideas and work together to overcome specific challenges and yield positive economic outcomes. In truth, there are various ways in which tech is driving economic recovery, yet another prominent use case is the Internet of Things (IoT).

By networking everyday objects, IoT turns them into smart devices that can help deliver significant benefits to industries and society. And already, there are more connected devices than people in the world – from fridges to streetlights, home cameras to smart bottles, wearables to industrial equipment. As such, IoT likely represents the next major value opportunity across industries. The World Economic Forum predicts that by 2025, there will be 41.6 billion devices in the world – and these connected devices will work together to evolve and revolutionize business models over the coming decade.

Governments and businesses alike have accelerated plans to kick-start their own digital operations and instigated economic resurgence.

How is your company investing in the workforce of tomorrow?
At CME, we help companies and corporations scale their operations, achieve technology innovation, elevate their brand, and transform their business models to position them for future success. However, this would not be possible without our teams and personnel. As we look ahead to the coming years and beyond, welcoming up-and-coming talent will be essential, and this is why we have reimagined hiring – to continue investing in tomorrow’s workforce.

CME has always welcomed creative, enthusiastic, and dynamic individuals to help us create tomorrow’s solutions, and we explore the talent and capabilities of our future workforce by equipping students with multi-disciplinary domain expertise. We also teach them how to harness technologies, fostering a quality-oriented mindset while giving them the freedom and guidance to create award-winning solutions.

How do you think tech will shape the 2021 landscape?
The technology evolution continues to unfold with tremendous speed, and tech itself is driving the economic recovery and delivering new value to governments, industries, and society. Therefore, tech will continue shaping the landscape in various ways this year alone, accelerating innovation and unlocking enormous potential with unparalleled speed and efficiency.

From a CME perspective, we envisage our premium, end-to-end, tailor-made solutions making valuable contributions to companies’ digital transformation strategies across multiple disciplines. INGO Health is one such solution, and various others will also support organizational transformations in due course. Many technologies will also continue reimagining the landscape as we know it during the second half of 2021, including microservices, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This interview was with Wissam Youssef, CME CEO, and published in Tech@Work on July 24, 2021.

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