Reinventing Retail Digital Engagement

Reinventing Retail Digital Engagement

Our Client is a leading American discount retailer with 17,000 stores across the United States and approximately 143,000 employees. 


Our Client envisioned the development of an innovative and engaging digital experience with a mobile app that would consolidate all the retailer’s features, empower users, and provide simplicity and value. CME was tasked with implementing the digital customer facing application based on a comprehensive staff augmentation engagement model.



Digital Experience

A primary objective for our Client was to replace its legacy mobile app by an advanced new app that would act as a single digital customer interface and to ensure the Client’s vision translated into reality in the sharpest and most scalable way.



Cost efficiency was paramount to the Client since the value and appeal of their brand is predicated on offering customers discounted prices. It was essential to onboard a technology partner that could deliver the benefits of a cost-efficient and expert approach.

What We Did

Immediate resources mobilization

Dedicated and full-time iOS and Android engineers were deployed within two weeks to the Client’s digital team and they started assisting with the project. Further resources were needed in the following weeks and CME promptly answered ongoing needs requirements.

Mobile app development

We created the new mobile app that would serve as a multi-purpose tool for sales, marketing, customer retention and servicing, with dynamic content profile targeting, advanced UX, and integration with the retailer’s larger ecosystem and network of partners.

BOPIS processing app development

For BOPIS (buy-online-pickup-in-store) orders, we created a new Handheld Terminal Application (HHT app) as a tool to prepare the orders and get them ready on the scheduled pick-up time, with substitution options and billing adjustments.

Staff augmentation model

The augmented team worked as part of the Client’s team and fully integrated with the company’s workflow processes and culture. Daily reporting and proactive collaboration with the product owner and Scrum master were among the team’s duties and responsibilities, with these and other activities contributing to the engagement model’s practicality and success.

The Impact

A successful new digital CX

A comprehensive CX with +20M downloads

The mobile app ensures users could make purchases online, gain digital coupons, acquire discounts, earn rewards, and benefit from targeted offers based on their behaviors and respective profiles. Other features, including weekly advertisements, buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS), Scan & Go self-checkout, useful information, and seamless transactions also contributed to the app’s success. The new app downloads exceeded 20 million, Play Store score 4.3 (57,000 reviews) and App Store 4.8 (119,000 reviews).

Efficiency achieved

Efficiency achieved

Our Client received premium services that drove the mobile app design and development. CME mobilized team being in Lebanon and Argentina, effective working timespan covered 16 hours per day which was smartly leveraged to accelerate the project delivery. As these resources were cost efficient and effective, all aspects of the project were met.

Continuous collaboration

Continuous collaboration

Today, the augmented team provided by CME is part of the Client’s Digital Team. The mission includes handling all front-facing customer features and related services and assigning dedicated customer support teams for various purposes. From 2018 to 2020, the team tripled in size with a yearly retention rate of 95%. The team comprises iOS and Android developers, quality assurance specialists, backend, database, and application programming interface (API) engineers.

CME Customers

Our Clients

Long-Standing Customer Relationships

We aspire to create a holistic and goal-oriented long-term relationship with our partners. This approach allows us to have deep-rooted industry and company knowledge and connections.

Our clients’ list is our pride and joy. Since our earliest days, we have served everything from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies with the same dedication and partnership approach.

9 out of 10 customers have been working with us for more than 5 years.

CME Customers

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