CME Acquires EdTech Innovator Augmental

CME Acquires EdTech Innovator Augmental, Leading a New Era of Educational Transformation 


CME Acquires EdTech Innovator Augmental, Leading a New Era of Educational Transformation 

By combining CME’s industry-level technological expertise with Augmental’s cutting-edge tools, this new partnership is set to reshape digital education experiences and positively disrupt the education sector along the way.

Dubai, 23 May 2024: CME, an international leader in technology solutions, has announced the acquisition of Augmental, a cutting-edge EdTech company. This strategic partnership combines CME’s technological expertise with Augmental’s innovative tools to transform the education sector. 

“This strategic alliance enhances our service offerings and reinforces our commitment to driving digital transformation in education on a global scale. The aim is to ensure that digital solutions remain at the forefront of educational strategies and practices,” said Wissam Youssef, CEO of CME Offshore. 

This acquisition represents a pivotal step towards creating a comprehensive ecosystem of educational services and tools. The new entity will offer a fully integrated suite of solutions designed to enhance every aspect of the learning journey and cater to various stakeholders within the educational sector. 

The collaboration between CME and Augmental is set to dismantle traditional barriers in education. By leveraging CME’s global network and merging their robust tech infrastructure and exceptional customer support experience with Augmental’s innovative AI-based tools, Augmental, the new EdTech arm of CME, will deliver personalized learning experiences, streamlined content creation and delivery, advanced analytics, and management tools. This partnership will transform educational access and effectiveness on both a regional and global scale. 

Existing organizations using CME technologies now have access to an AI-powered LMS with unique features,  while companies and training institutions using Augmental LMS are able to expand their tech stack with CME’s solutions. 

“Joining CME marks an exciting new chapter for Augmental. It is more than an acquisition; it is a strategic alliance set to elevate the educational journey for learners everywhere. We look forward to continuing our mission to transform education and support our clients with pioneering solutions,” said Paul Barakat Diab, CEO of Augmental. 

With a deep understanding of the education market, Augmental’s team brings invaluable expertise to the digital education sector. Their experience is crucial in innovating and developing targeted solutions that address the unique challenges and opportunities within the educational landscape. 

Paul Barakat Diab and Elie Nahas, the founders of Augmental, will continue to lead and innovate within the newly formed entity. Their ongoing leadership underscores a shared commitment towards education, combining the strengths of both companies to establish new standards of educational excellence and innovation.  

“Education is the cornerstone of progress and growth,” concludes Carole Alsharabati, Founding Partner at CME. “By equipping learners with next-gen tools, we are not just enhancing learning experiences; we are empowering them to shape the future.” 

About Augmental 

Augmental is an AI-powered, white-labeled learning platform that empowers educational institutions and course creators by offering next-generation personalised learning experiences, intelligent content creation, and data-driven analytics. 

About CME 

CME is a multinational enterprise offering premium end-to-end services and solutions to all types of organizations at any stage of their digital transformation journeys. Driven by operational excellence, deep industry expertise, and innovation, we have helped over 100 clients worldwide, including iconic brands and Fortune 500 companies, reinvent the way they operate, collaborate, and create value for their customers. As we continue to serve 80+ million users on a daily basis, our real-world impact can be felt across multiple industries, markets, and cultures.


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