CME France Joins La French Tech Grand Paris

CME France Joins La French Tech Grand Paris


CME France Joins La French Tech Grand Paris

New community, better opportunities, bigger markets, non-stop innovation.

CME France has recently joined La French Tech Grand Paris, one of France’s most prominent networks that brings together investors, corporates, and decision-makers around innovation and business growth.

By being part of this large community of innovators, we are presented with a great opportunity to immerse ourselves further in the local French ecosystem, building meaningful partnerships with iconic brands and enhancing our visibility among public organizations. Furthermore, our multidisciplinary expertise in technology, backed by our extensive portfolio of delivered projects, enables us to easily adapt and bring our unique value proposition to the dynamic French digital market.

Modeled after our successful partnerships with top US Fortune 500 companies, our operational model in France combines local expertise with CME’s talents from around the world to create scalable solutions for businesses seeking digital transformation and continuous growth.

In collaboration with La French Tech Grand Paris, we’re introducing an in-house developed AI-powered SaaS solution, that leverages our proficiency in GreenTech and data engineering, to deploy, secure, and monitor applications in France, all while offsetting carbon footprint and environmental impact.

General Manager of CME France, Marwan Gedeon, commented, “As part of its expansion strategy, CME France has joined several tech networks, the most recent being La French Tech Grand Paris. This will help us amplify our reach within the French market while emphasizing our partnerships with like-minded local industry disruptors”.

As CME continues to establish a strong foothold in Europe, it remains dedicated to creating impactful and environmentally responsible solutions while maintaining its commitment to excellence and positive change.

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