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CME Collaborates With The ENTERTAINER Business To Revolutionize Health And Green Engagement In The GCC  


CME Collaborates With The ENTERTAINER Business To Revolutionize Health And Green Engagement In The GCC  

Seeking to empower the INGO behavioral change sustainability platform, the partnership aligns to support UN SDGs and promote healthy and sustainable living among consumers in the GCC.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, August 4, 2023: CME, a premium technology consulting firm, has announced a strategic partnership with the ENTERTAINER business, a leading global loyalty and rewards solutions provider in the GCC, to empower its behavioral change sustainability platform, INGO. This groundbreaking collaboration seeks to introduce a wealth of lifestyle offers from across the GCC directly to the INGO platform, thereby revolutionizing the way individuals engage with their health and the environment.  

By joining forces, CME and the ENTERTAINER business aim to achieve a tangible impact, making healthy and eco-friendly living more accessible and enjoyable for individuals across the GCC region. The partnership is designed to enable INGO to provide its users with direct access to a wide array of enticing offers on the said platform, to promote and encourage better daily choices.  

Wissam Youssef, CEO of CME, commented, “Our partnership with the ENTERTAINER business aligns perfectly with our mission to leverage technology for impactful solutions. Combining the sustainability-focused benefits of INGO with the money-saving advantages of the ENTERTAINER enhances the value proposition for INGO members and extends our impact in the long term.  This venture is a game-changer for the sustainability sector in the GCC, as it empowers individuals to prioritize their own well-being and the environment while enjoying exclusive benefits and incentives.” 

As INGO users achieve their personalized health goals or engage in eco-friendly actions, they will be able to unlock a world of exclusive offers made accessible through the INGO rewards system. This pioneering approach provides individuals with an unparalleled experience, seamlessly intertwining sustainability and wellness with tangible rewards and savings, fostering a lasting behavioral change in a distinct and engaging manner. 

Julian Morbidelli, Director of B2B – KSA and Egypt at the ENTERTAINER business said, “This is a fully integrated marketplace and an earn-and-burn collaboration with CME that positions INGO as a revolutionary ecosystem with healthier habits and eco-conscious choices. The unique concept of incentivizing INGO members to adopt and maintain more sustainable lifestyles with exclusive rewards across the GCC is not only innovative but also an effective way of facilitating engagement in the sustainability sector.” 

Mahmoud Taymour, General Manager – KSA & Egypt at the ENTERTAINER business, stated, “Through this strategic partnership, our goal is to promote sustainability, support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and provide innovative, tailored solutions that benefit our society and the environment. We are fully committed to uncovering more opportunities for a greener and more sustainable future.” 

The strategic partnership between CME and the ENTERTAINER business is poised to revolutionize the sustainability and development landscape in the GCC. By synergizing their expertise and resources, both organizations are committed to inspiring individuals to adopt more sustainable lifestyles, empowering companies to create innovative employee engagement initiatives, and encouraging governments to promote healthier and greener citizen engagement. 

About CME: 

We are a premium technology consulting firm. We have helped 100+ global clients, including renowned Fortune 500 companies, become leaders in their fields. Our end-to-end solutions and comprehensive enterprise services cover Staff Augmentation, Custom Software Development, Smart Devices Engineering, Customer Experience, IoT, AI, Data and analytics, and Process Automation. With a multinational team across 8 locations, we deliver innovative and impactful projects, contributing to 8 US Patents, and serving 80 million users daily. 

About the ENTERTAINER business

The ENTERTAINER business creates easy-to-use and cost-effective app platforms that leverage incentives to help connect businesses with their customers and employees. Each platform can be adapted to suit any business, and clients can choose from a variety of features that best serve their brand and budget. The app solutions are fully customizable and may be white-labeled, co-branded, or even embedded into any business’s existing app. The business division works with more than 250 partners globally and offers our clients loyalty solutions that allow them to leverage the ENTERTAINER model, venues, offers, and more as a means of rewarding and delighting their employees and/or customers. 

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