CME Adds Three New Members To Its Board Of Directors

CME Adds A Trio Of Experienced Business Executives To Its Board Of Directors 


CME Adds A Trio Of Experienced Business Executives To Its Board Of Directors 

All three seasoned business executives are bringing along their diverse industry expertise to contribute to CME’s innovative vision for a safer future.

March 6, 2024: Multinational technology services and solutions enterprise CME has recently announced the addition of three distinguished professionals to its Board of Directors: Jihad Bitar, Kamil Fakhoury, and Roy Majdalani. These seasoned experts bring diverse experiences and expertise with them, enriching CME’s strategic vision and solidifying its position as an innovative force in the tech industry. 

Jihad Bitar, CEO of Siren Analytics, is renowned for his unique leadership approach to digital transformation and consulting across the MENA region. With a strong background in management consulting and entrepreneurship, Bitar has demonstrated a keen understanding of leveraging technology to create impactful change within organizations. His role as President of the French Tech community in Lebanon underscores his dedication to promoting innovation and collaboration. 

As a highly experienced executive with a track record of driving sustainable revenue growth and operational success, Kamil Fakhoury brings a wealth of industry knowledge to the board. With his mastery in business development, negotiations, and strategic planning, Fakhoury has successfully led multinational projects in various sectors, including infrastructure, retail, and finance, across networks spanning the Middle East, Asia, and the United States. 

Roy Majdalani, currently serving as the Vice President of Administration at the Lebanese American University, is recognized for his visionary leadership in overseeing areas such as Information Technology, Human Resources, and Facilities Management. Majdalani’s extensive experience in executive management and IT consulting, coupled with his academic prowess, positions him as a valuable asset to CME’s board. 

By inviting external members to join our board, we’re tapping into expertise that can steer us into uncharted dimensions of innovation. Our in-house team already excels in the digital domain, but introducing external members opens the doors for a fresh business outlook, new networks and partnerships, creative diversity, and balanced accountability,” said Carole Alsharabati, CME Chairperson. “Their collective business acumen and varied backgrounds will undoubtedly push CME towards continued growth and success in the dynamic tech landscape.” 

With the addition of Bitar, Fakhoury, and Majdalani, CME reaffirms its commitment to excellence, innovation, and ensuring a safer tech-infused future for all. 

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We are a multinational enterprise offering premium technology services and solutions. Over the years, we have helped 100+ global clients, including renowned Fortune 500 companies, become leaders in their fields. Our end-to-end solutions and comprehensive services cover Enterprise Application Services, Data & Analytics, User Experience, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, DevOps, and Cybersecurity. With a skilled team across 8 locations, we have delivered 300+ innovative and impactful projects and contributed to 8 US Patents. CME serves 80 million users on a daily basis. 


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