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Organisation Internationale De La Francophonie Delegation Visits CME Offices


Organisation Internationale De La Francophonie Delegation Visits CME Offices

As witnessed by the OIF delegation, CME takes immense pride in its Francophonie roots, with our French-speaking team already well-versed in ensuring that our clients in francophone regions around the world receive the tailored support they ask for.

As part of the Mission économique et commerciale de la Francophonie program, a delegation representing Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) has paid a visit to CME offices on October 11th, 2023.

This visit aligned with OIF’s initiative to spotlight successful businesses from diverse sectors in Lebanon, ultimately aiming to gain insights into the country’s dynamic economic landscape. Accordingly, OIF selected CME as a prominent front-runner in the thriving tech sector.

During the visit, CME hosted a comprehensive presentation showcasing its wide array of services and products. Our representatives also highlighted the transformative impact of our solutions, positively affecting 100+ global clients, including renowned French businesses, and improving the lives of 80 million users on a daily basis.

“From healthcare to education, from business operations to sustainability, technology is the cornerstone of progress,” remarked General Manager of CME France Marwan Gedeon. 

In addition to portraying its multiple involvement in past and present high-profile projects, CME also emphasized the importance of collaboration and knowledge exchange within French-speaking tech communities, leading to strong partnerships and synergies across borders and, subsequently, promoting economic growth.

The delegation favorably recognized CME’s commitment to offering its services in multiple languages, French being one of them, which clearly demonstrates the firm’s global outlook and dedication to facilitating communication across language barriers.

With the OIF delegation’s visit concluded, we look forward to future collaborations that will not only further strengthen our ties with the Francophonie but also push for more innovation and progress in the tech industry.


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