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SIS At The Heart Of Technology And Innovation


SIS At The Heart Of Technology And Innovation

CME and USJ hosted a conference titled Technology and Innovation in the Future of Education. The event featured workshops and roundtables that discussed the future of education. The conference introduced the Student Information System (SIS), a comprehensive software developed by CME that centralizes student and administrative data and showcased a video demonstration of its innovative features.

CME and Saint Joseph University (USJ) in partnership with Universities Association of Lebanon, National Council for Scientific Research, Erasmus, EC2, and Berytech have recently organized and hosted a conference titled Technology and Innovation in the Future of Education.

This event, dedicated to the higher education community and its partners, featured workshops and roundtables centered around the theme of technology and education. Guest speakers engaged in discussions regarding the future of education over the next 3 decades, focusing on how technology can drive growth and innovation. Additionally, esteemed industry experts explored how universities can sustainably implement digital transformation and foster entrepreneurship. 

During the plenary session CEO and Co-founder of CME Wissam Youssef alongside Rector’s Delegate for IT Affairs at USJ Dr. Dany Mezher. introduced “Student Information System (SIS)”, a cutting-edge digital education solution. Developed by CME, SIS is a comprehensive software aimed at enhancing university governance and centralizing all student and administrative data, to streamline data-driven decision-making by administrators. 

A video demonstration of SIS followed the announcement, showcasing USJ’s experience with the software and its innovative features. 

The Student Information System (SIS), a joint effort between CME and USJ, has been meticulously designed to cater to administrators and students’ specific requirements and is poised for longevity as it can be easily expanded with new features and updates. The software’s launch is a crucial moment in the digital technology revolution and its role in education and higher education institutions, according to Salim Daccache, Rector of Saint Joseph University. The SIS has the potential to be rolled out to other universities in Lebanon and beyond. 

Throughout the workshops, guest speakers offered unique insights into the intersection of technology and education. Ziad Traboulsi highlighted the latest developments in the metaverse and their potential applications in education, while Farshida Zafar shared strategies for driving innovation and building alliances between innovators. Maha Bali rounded out the program by discussing how to embrace new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, in a way that promotes equity and care in the learning environment. 

The partnership between CME and USJ is an excellent example of how collaboration and innovation can drive positive change in education technology. As we look to the future of education, it is clear that such partnerships will play a crucial role in shaping the way we teach and learn. 

About USJ

Saint Joseph University of Beirut (USJ) is a private Lebanese university, founded in 1875, with 13 faculties (religious sciences, medicine, pharmacy, dental medicine, nursing sciences, engineering, law and political sciences, economics, business administration and management, humanities, sciences, educational sciences, and languages). It is regarded among the top and most reputable academic institutions in Lebanon and the Middle East.


Tailoring Student Success With SIS

A Next-Gen student-centric SIS (Student Information System) offering 360-degree overview of all institutional management aspects, with actionable insights. This modular platform is a purpose-built, cloud-enabled, universal solution for schools and universities, big or small. It helps manage one or more campuses, ensures operational excellence, with flexible configurations, while providing superior learning experiences.

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