We are a multinational technology consultancy, custom software development and engineering firm. We are ready to connect, engage, and drive businesses' digital transformation. We have helped over 100 clients worldwide, including top US Fortune 500 companies, to become and remain leaders in their fields. Today, we are providing premium end-to-end tailored Data Management solutions and technology services (Optical character Recognition (OCR), Machine Learning, Behavioral Analysis) in collaboration of different disciplines, including Staff Augmentation, custom Software development (Software outsourcing companies), Smart Devices Engineering, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Customer Experience. We accelerate the digital transformation for businesses and corporations by developing scalable and forward-thinking projects to achieve operational excellence, improve customer engagement, and unlock new growth opportunities. Our teams of highly skilled engineers, creative thinkers, and industry-specific experts from 7 locations across the globe delivered more than 250 innovative projects. To date, we served 80M+ users and contributed to 7 US patents. Find us in Beirut, Lebanon, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in California, Unites States of America, in Mendoza, Argentina, in Pune, India, in Stockholm, Sweden and in Guangdong, China. If you believe in the transformative power of technology: Join us in Reimagining Everything!



Let’s create a single voice for all your data. Across disparate systems and data types, we confidently help you make informed business decisions to drive results, by implementing the right tools to cleanse, integrate, govern, and share information.

Use data and analytics to radically transform your business, uncovering trends and powerful stories, with consolidated information exchanges, self-service visual data management tools, and expert guidance to plan for a high-yielding future.

We Will Help You

Create new opportunities

We help you harness the power of data to make smarter decisions, leading you through a rigorous process of assessing data quality, evaluating data processes, and prioritizing key data to form the foundations of your business strategy.

Cut operational costs

Better data is good for your bottom line. By ensuring that your data is accurate and comprehensive, we help you to improve decision-making, streamline process flows, and reduce errors, resulting in lower operational costs.

Automate your data processes

Automation eases the process of data collection and analysis, arming your organization with the information it needs. With our data process solutions, your data comes from a trusted source, giving you a boost in business intelligence.

Understand your data

Transform your data into business intelligence using our data visualization expertise. We build rich dashboards to help you derive actionable insights and improve your company performance.


Turning Data Into An Asset

We integrate data engineering, data science and analytics to deliver reliable insights, in a holistic approach that puts your business goals at the center.

Data Visualization

Our data visualization solutions provide the answers to key business questions, allowing you to spot trends quickly, identify outliers, and track goal progress.

Decision Making

Using game and decision theory, spatial bargaining and risk management models, we make your decision-making scientific and your outcomes predictable.

Data Warehouse

We strengthen the efficiency and effectiveness of your data warehouse to ensure that it provides valuable insights and solutions to complex industry problems.

2.5 Quintillion

bytes of data are created every day, and the pace is accelerating with the growth of Internet of Things, according to Domo.

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