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Smart Utility Meter Cedar-20: The Innovation For Tomorrow’s Energy Climate


Smart Utility Meter Cedar-20: The Innovation For Tomorrow’s Energy Climate

As we look ahead to the future, our homes can be powered by renewable energy supplying the general grid and creating better revenue opportunities on the family level. For those unfamiliar, this is called Net Metering, and a critical aspect is smart meter integration. After all, utility management is an industry that has all the potential to harness digitization and automation.

At CME, we are here to recreate solutions for everyday needs, helping organizations and clients to reduce maintenance costs. Smart Utility Meter (SUM) Cedar-20 is a brand new CME smart product and represents our latest success in this direction, developed through our industry knowledge and technology capabilities. Here, we explore energy management’s future from a smart meter perspective and explain the benefits that await providers, consumers, and the environment.

The benefits of smart meters

At present, many users are apprehensive about smart meter adoption, expressing concerns about overpaying and having their privacy compromised. But in fact, these worries actually have no substance because data gathered effectively serves as a force for good, helping to drive better marketing efforts for end-users and improve their brand experiences. Although such apprehension continues, SUM offers real benefits too:

  • You can receive real-time information on energy used through an in-home display. The smart meter helps you understand where your usage costs go and how to save money.
  • Rather than traditional billings, you can pay for the energy that you use. And with a broader range of tariffs on the market, you can make better, more informed decisions about which energy supplier to choose.
  • When opting for pre-payment plans, you will capitalize on specific benefits, including being able to see your balance on your in-home display, set your meter to top up automatically, and top up your meter in new, more flexible ways.
  • Both historical and real-time data are also readily available. Besides enabling you to monitor energy costs and consumption, you can keep track of carbon emissions data and benefit from multi-tariffs functions that ensure demand responses, such as decreasing energy consumptions during on-peak hours.

These advantages have been acknowledged by nations regionally and internationally, with smart meters playing a pivotal role in sustainability agendas. For instance, they are central to the UK’s transition to a cleaner, more flexible energy system. Considering persisting and mounting electricity issues, developing countries also need to adapt to the changing reality, take similar proactive steps, and adopt new and greener ways to consume energy.

Data gathered effectively serves as a force for good, helping to drive better marketing efforts for end-users and improve their brand experiences

At CME, we are proud to be paving the way for smart and better living, bringing our resources, experience, expertise, and software and hardware capabilities together to make a real difference. Progress towards a cleaner, more efficient future continues to be made, something supported with our intuitive smart meters made in Lebanon.

SUM Cedar-20

At CME, we are here to serve the utility sector, facilitate the above benefits, and progress the smart agenda. After all, technological solutions today must be practical, smart, and cost-efficient. This is why we engineered SUM Cedar-20 in 2020 – to meet all three of these priorities. The design means it is compatible to work in robust grid systems, monitor and control electricity consumption.

The smart meter ensures high power transmission without distortion or outages, optimizing low impedance lines without affecting the line’s impedance and complying with International Standards such as IEC and DLMS/COSEM. Cedar-20 also takes billing to the next level with prepaid and postpaid bills generated through delicate calculations using accurate measurement interfaces, effectively servicing all billing purposes.

We are here to serve the utility sector, facilitate the above benefits, and progress the smart agenda

Rated for 220V-50Hz, the SUM has the power to measure currents up to 100Amps. This is because of an internal independent measuring element allowing measurement to happen on both the line and neutral phases. The LCD screen on top of the meter allows for the visualization of various parameters with communication interfaces, enabling a broad range of customizable communications options.

Furthermore, the innovation comes with other features, including LED indicators, programming button, auxiliary connectors, terminal block, serial connector that provides direct access to the meter for programming and configuration purposes, and a local standard communication port that supports all remote communication features. As a reliable, customizable, and advanced SUM, Cedar-20 caters to every user’s needs, providing safety, security, and high performance.

Why Net Metering is so valuable

Smart meters can measure and value your energy production via green and renewable energy. Therefore, you can now feed electricity to the grid via renewable energy sources, resulting in bill and cost reductions and profits when you’re entirely off the grid.

With CME utilities expertise, energy management is completely refined as our SUM empowers you to save and manage your energy consumption more prudently. Beginning today, let’s capitalize on technology trends and enhance your decision-making capabilities using this next-generation, real-time performance monitoring solution.

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Ali Olleik
Ali Olleik

Lead Project Engineer

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Harness the power of smart utility meters and offer higher visibility and accuracy, lower costs, and greener energy. Visibility of energy use is one of smart meters’ greatest perks and they allow more choice in managing energy consumption and bills. Get to know Cedar-20 technical specifications and the latest in IoT technology.

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