Customer & Technical Support Services For Leading Retailer

Customer & Technical Support Services For Leading Retailer

Our Client is a leading American discount retailer with over 17,000 stores, 17 distribution centers, and approximately 143,000 employees.


Our Client was looking to outsource their customer and technical stores support staff. CME was chosen for our proven expertise and experience in this field, with teams that have the skills, multidisciplinary backgrounds, and English language fluency required. Furthermore, the Client’s decision to choose CME was also cost driven as our company has the capabilities to optimize operations in a scalable way and help deliver on the brand’s promise of best value.

In one month, CME mobilized the core team, adding necessary resources in the process. Today, the team is part of our Client’s Support unit under the Staff Augmentation Engagement Model, providing omnichannel and seamless support to the retailer’s customers and stores during store opening hours.



Cost Efficient, Premium
Support Services

In a competitive retail industry, cost efficiency is critical, as is customer and employee experience. Therefore, our Client established criteria for their support team, factoring in cost, domain and technical expertise, and an advanced sense of service and collaboration quality.


Augmenting With A
Scalable Model

Store technical support requires specialized resources facilitated through a comprehensive recruitment and retention process. As a result, the company sought a high-end outsourcing partner who could provide well-trained resources, with multidisciplinary technical expertise, perfect English fluency, and the ability to scale up and down based on business requirements.


Achieving Efficient
Communication Between Levels

When tickets need to be escalated from L1 to L2 and L3, the process often experienced communication gaps between L1 support and the more technical L2 and L3 support teams. Our Client identified this persisting trend and prioritized avoiding this communication fragmentation by having a well-structured team that could easily escalate between different support levels.

What We Did

Staff augmentation model 

We provided our Client with a team of 25 full–time premium resources, with CME handling all administrative hurdles, from recruitment through to training and retention. The augmented team acts as part of the Client’s End-User Support unit, which is responsible for all support functions, and is fully integrated with the company’s workflow and culture.

Aligning & improving processes & tools

We adopted the company’s tools and processes for support while continuously suggesting ways to improve, optimize, and perfect the workflow.

Creation of a knowledge base

The knowledge base is used to align all team members in terms of information and processes, eliminating guesswork and assumptions. Whenever the resource is not taking calls, they either update the knowledge base or make sure they are aware of the information in the base, ultimately ensuring no downtime.

The Impact

Expert & hassle-free support team

Expert & hassle-free support team

Premium support services are provided, with specialized resources (business, software, hardware, and database engineers) acting as a brand extension, with English fluency, advanced communication, and problem-solving skills. The staff augmentation model is cost-effective and relieves the client of responsibilities concerning recruiting and managing resources in a highly competitive labor market.

Smooth communication between support tiers

Smooth communication between support tiers

The risk of support process fragmentation between levels was eliminated. Furthermore, we offer a variety of expertise types across several verticals, which aids in streamlining the escalation process and ensuring that the right solution is found in a consistent and efficient manner.

Process enhancement & automation

Process enhancement & automation

Customer and retail support operations were automated where possible, leveraging CME experiences and tools across different verticals. On the other hand, operational processes were continuously improved based on performance and customer satisfaction indicators generated in real-time from the OTRS tool.

Improved visibility & control 

Improved visibility & control 

The Client’s management receives daily, weekly, and monthly reports and trends analysis, giving them a higher visibility over their support operations.

CME Customers

Our Clients

Long-Standing Customer Relationships

We aspire to create a holistic and goal-oriented long-term relationship with our partners. This approach allows us to have deep-rooted industry and company knowledge and connections.

Our clients’ list is our pride and joy. Since our earliest days, we have served everything from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies with the same dedication and partnership approach.

9 out of 10 customers have been working with us for more than 5 years.

CME Customers

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