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Rolling Out USJ’s Student Information System


Rolling Out USJ’s Student Information System

The beta of CME’s innovative Student Information System was deployed at Université Saint Joseph (USJ), Lebanon, this February.

The Student Information System (SIS) is an efficient way to enable higher education institutions to foster student success and deliver timely, seamless services to students, faculty, and administrative staff while optimizing core business processes and founding new partnerships.

Flawless Integration and Database Management

The platform is built on the Microsoft Azure and .Net framework, and is cloud-ready, ensuring always-on services, and providing scalability to cope with future growth. The SIS integrates the institution’s existing IT ecosystem and services, and those of their partners, including the institution’s ERP, LMS, CRM, and collaboration tools.

Purpose-built by designers experienced with the needs of higher education, SIS is the most cost-effective, end-to-end enterprise software solution on the market and is set to evolve as time goes on.

Modular Components

The SIS’s initial beta covers three core modules: Configuration and Administration, Teaching and Planning, and Cohort and Activity Instance Enrollment.

The system allows for USJ to account for both the French and American credit systems, in an efficient, intuitive manner and, after two months of use, user feedback has highlighted the friendliness of the design and experience, and the centralized, consistent data as the beta’s key strengths.

Student-centric by design, this future-proof system is built to be universal, multilingual, multi-campus, and multi-time zone, supporting both the European and American credit systems.

Q2 2022 will see the roll-out of additional modules, including the central, and mobile-first, Student Portal, alongside modules covering Grade Management, Notification Management, Ph.D. Programs, and Reporting and Visualizations.

Later in the year, modules including Lifelong Learning Programs, Admissions, Student File Management, Space Management, and no-credit systems will be added to the system. The SIS will also integrate with the institution’s ERP and Learning Management Tools, including Moodle and Microsoft Teams. The end result will be a comprehensive system that caters to the needs of students, faculty, and administrators and that is scalable to allow for further growth and change.

Save Time and Money While Delivering First-Class Education

USJ’s SIS is a powerful tool that higher education institutions can use to leverage technology in order to achieve significant savings in time and money, with limited investment. The most comprehensive higher education enterprise solution on the market today, CME’s SIS can adapt to address a wide variety of challenges.

Discover how CME can help your education institution drive down costs, cut out unnecessary frustration, speed up workflows and deliver a student-centric tool that can help you to deliver the very best education leveraging the latest technologies.

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Tailoring Student Success With SIS

A Next-Gen student-centric SIS (Student Information System) offering 360-degree overview of all institutional management aspects, with actionable insights. This modular platform is a purpose-built, cloud-enabled, universal solution for schools and universities, big or small. It helps manage one or more campuses, ensures operational excellence, with flexible configurations, while providing superior learning experiences.


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