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Student Information System is officially live at USJ!


Student Information System is officially live at USJ!

After a successful beta run that began in February 2022, we are happy to announce that CME SIS (Student Information System) is now live and available to USJ administrative staff and faculty members.

First announced in September 2021 during the CME-USJ Partnership Agreement Ceremony, the Student Information System (SIS) is a state-of-the-art platform catered towards student success and faculty excellence. The SIS features a wide variety of cutting-edge services meant to streamline the modern academic experience.  

To ensure a smooth transition for students and faculty members using SIS, USJ and CME set in motion a consistent and progressive deployment plan.

More SIS services will be gradually rolled out in the near future, fostering an enhanced user experience, and further expanding the range of available features.

According to the Rector’s Advisor for IT affairs at USJ, Dr. Dany Mezher:

“The SIS is a comprehensive cost-effective system that provides an exceptional user experience and a wide variety of innovative functionalities.”

Saying that we are excited to bring our technology expertise to the fingertips of USJ students and faculty members, is an understatement.
We are immensely thrilled to deliver more innovation and creativity to the world of education in general and to a prestigious university such as USJ in particular.  


Tailoring Student Success With SIS

A Next-Gen student-centric SIS (Student Information System) offering 360-degree overview of all institutional management aspects, with actionable insights. This modular platform is a purpose-built, cloud-enabled, universal solution for schools and universities, big or small. It helps manage one or more campuses, ensures operational excellence, with flexible configurations, while providing superior learning experiences.


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